YTP #30 Pro-Triathlete Maggie Rusch on Working Hard and Being Brave

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We all go through phases in our life when it seems the world is against us. Curveballs, blocks and signs of the opposite kind that we think we deserve just keep coming at us. What many of us forget during these times is that we have a choice to cry poor me or have faith that it is all there to prepare us for something greater. A belief that there are no mistakes and a realization that life is a series of waves. Some carry us gently to shore while others pummel us before we can even catch a breath of air. We all have times in our lives when we feel like defensive linemen and today’s guest is no exception.

Pro-triathlete Maggie Rusch knows how to stand strong in the face of adversity and keep her head held high when the punches just keep coming. These are just some of the attributes that makes Maggie one of the toughest competitors in the field. But she is tough not just because she can suffer, she is resilient and grounded enough to see that the tough times are blessings in disguise. Her challenges have led to deep introspection that has allowed her to pursue what she is passionate about in life. Triathlon.

A competitive volleyball player through high school and college, Maggie has lived the life of an athlete from a young age. She shares her what if story with us regarding her chance at triathlon, before she even started playing volleyball, only to find her multi-sport love once again after college. She was quickly reminded that she was pretty good at this sport.

At her first Ironman in 2013 she place 4th overall and qualified for the Ironman World Championship where suffered a serious case of heat stroke and, because her body temperature surpassed 108 degrees, she had a very small chance of survival. Thankfully Maggie was able to recover and she went on to win Ironman Coeur d’Alene in 2014 then returned to Kona for her redemption race.

Maggie’s story is one of overcoming adversity and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. As a full-time consultant and professional triathlete with a bumpy track record Maggie has recently recommitted herself to her health. Better recovery, nutrition and meditation are just a few of the things that she is incorporating into her training regime. Maggie shares how just five minutes a day is already making a difference in her life. We talk about triathlon in Asheville and she shares insight into her nutrition and her tools to stay focused and away from the noise in her head.

Maggie is someone who cannot give up but she is also someone who is willing to fail. She puts it all out there, something that many are too scared to do. In 2014, in an attempt to avoid another heat stroke experience, Maggie packed up and headed to Norway for the Norseman Extreme triathlon. She describes Norseman as the hardest race she’s ever done and with a 2nd place finish Maggie Rusch, once again, shows the world that she is tough as nails.

Beyond the races, the training and her full-time career Maggie seeks something deeper, she is looking for more calm in her life. The idyllic balance to her go, go, go tendencies and quite possibly one of her most challenging goals. She knows that it is only herself that can bring this calm into view and like everything else Maggie takes on, we know she won’t give up until she finds it.

Maggie is as sweet as she is badass, we really enjoyed our time with her during our stay in Asheville and hope you enjoy the show. Please share it with your friends and consider leaving us a review on iTunes.


Episode 30 Show Notes:
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