Episode 307: Pete Mortimer, Ultrarunner, Coach And Storyteller Says There’s Always 8 More Miles

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Today we’re bringing you Peter Mortimer, ultra runner, coach, fellow Squirrels Nut Butter teammate, and someone who turned his life around through running and has since evolved into a seeker of the toughest races on earth.

Races like the Georgia Death Race, a 74ish mile endurance run with 35,000 feet of elevation change. A race in which you are discouraged from finishing and told to simply show up and die.

Also, the Dragons Back 200 across Wales, which covers 60,000 feet of climbing in an orienteering style stage race, and the Orcas Island 100 which is described as cold, wet, dark, steep, and not for the faint of heart. Most recently, Pete won the HURT 100 on the island of Oahu, known for its unforgiving terrain.

Pete is passionate about inspiring others and sharing the beauty of trail running. We were so excited to dive into the details of this runner’s journey and hope you enjoy where our conversation takes you.

In this episode, we discuss.

  • bad habits that led to 250lbs
  • power of patience
  • the drinking group with a running problem
  • ski accident to 3:15 marathon
  • DNF’d his first trail race and was hooked
  • 50 miler to 100k to 100 mile
  • self-coaching vs having a coach
  • working with the uncertainty
  • training for a 200 trail race
  • impressions of the Cocodona 25o
  • HURT 100 victory
  • 100 miles of hopscotch uphill
  • there’s always 8 more miles

We hope you enjoy the show.



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