Podcast 167: Overcoming Fear To Be In Service

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Life is a rich itinerary that brings us the opportunity to live our fullest expression. When we keep all channels open and deepen our relationship with the stillness inside, we level up towards our fears in a way that is not overwhelming but normal and timely. Knocking down walls and seeing through our mental blocks is the norm on this warrior path. As a yogi on this journey, it is my intention to continually welcome all things. To be grateful every day for all that I have, all that I am and all that is coming my way.

This past weekend I had an experience that answered several of my deep callings. Overcoming fears and deepening my skill to navigate the unknown were just two of the opportunities gifted to me as I paced my friend, Lisa, through the night on route to her first 100-mile finish.

BJ and I dive into my experience in this episode. From my training prep to the deep spiritual work it required. I think we cover it all. It’s a distance that continues to slowly move into my field and I am so grateful to have played a role in Lisa’s success. Thank you so much for tuning in and sharing in our mission to create a better world through meaningful conversation, purpose, and connection.

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Episode 167 Show Notes:

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