Podcast 166: Dave Paczkowski of IO Strength and Performance on Getting to the Source and Out of the Story

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Buckle up, listeners! We dive in from the start and don’t come up for air until the last word of this show. Dave is a limitless wealth of body wisdom and holistic perspective. He believes that we should all be confident and thriving in our bodies. Although pain is common, Dave doesn’t think that it needs to be the reality from which we live. He helps to ensure these elements of physical freedom by getting to the source of the symptoms. To find where the opportunities are in the body and work with each person to build their sturdiest foundation.

Dave is the founder of Inside Out Strength and Performance. He holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and several certifications in strength, fitness, and performance. He understands the body and also how the mind, specifically the stories we tell ourselves, profoundly impacts the health of the body. The very rabbit hole we were hoping we’d go down!

Dave makes a convincing case for staying on top of the signals our bodies send us. You may be inspired to dive into his extensive video library or set up an appointment with him. Either way, get connected with this guy and lets all train healthy for the long-haul.

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Episode 166 Show Notes:

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