Keys to Holiday Presence

Keys to Holiday Presence
November 25, 2013 Jess

As I’m sure you noticed the holiday season is in full force.  Wreaths, trees, lights, nutcrackers! Promotions for Black Friday, Local Business Saturday and Cyber Monday have me feeling the pressure to spend.

It is easy this time of year to fall into this fast moving energy which can make a helluva good time into a hectic time. No other time of year do we experience such closely occurring holidays being promoted and celebrated before, during and after they occur.  When anything happens in excess like this there is an imbalance in the universe.  It will naturally correct itself and match the extreme.  We see that with the extreme cases of joy and extreme cases of sadness this time of year. The key is to stay present and grounded through it, as best you can.

Here are some specific and easy ways to get your self back to the now, the promised land of no problems.

Be Aware of Your Breath
Stop what you are doing and take one conscious breath.  Even just one conscious cycle of flow will create more space in your life. Use this anytime, as much as you want and especially when you’re making choices.

Slow Down the Chow Down
Never show up to a holiday party hungry and when you are enjoying some delish holiday fare take one bite at a time.  Don’t put another spoonful in until you have chewed the heck out of what’s already there.  Put your fork down between bites, notice each chew and drink water during your meal.

Feel Your Feet
It’s happened before and it might happen again. You’re cornered at a holiday party, in a power struggle with your mother or your pie just slid off the counter.   Hectic energy moves up in a spiraling motion, it can be hot, fast and overwhelming.  Notice those signs, get into your soles and feel your feet in your shoes.  Bring the energy back down.

Make Space In Your Body
Sometimes you need a little extra space to remain sane and it helps when your body is open.  Take in a yoga class, go for a walk or grab a doorway, stretch open your chest muscles.  Making more space will allow for more ease in body, mind & spirit.

No Thank You
Always remember that you have a choice. It is ok to decline an invitation and not feel as though you have to give a big story or tell a lie.  Your loved ones will always want you to care for yourself first, it makes you a better loved one.

Wherever your travels take you over the next 6 weeks try one or all of these little tricks and then just notice how you feel. This truly is a special time of year and one that can flow joyfully.



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