Good Morning, Get Moving!

Good Morning, Get Moving!
January 5, 2015 Jess

In the yoga world, it’s well known that the hours just before sunrise are sacred and powerful.  Your surroundings are quiet and there is less distraction making it the perfect time of day to focus on exercise. An innate early bird, I’m up most mornings by 4am to meditate and get a workout in.  Sometimes this happens naturally without an alarm but not because I’m fretting about something.  It’s that I’ve regulated my endocrine system and circadian rhythm as a result of my consistency.  Now that my body knows it will rise at a certain time, it starts to produce my waking up hormones around the same time each day. These are the same hormones that are activated during exercise.  There’s no question, the body is ready to move upon waking.

People who workout in the morning have more energy for the day ahead.  They are in a better mood than if they pulled up the covers and pushed snooze. I’m not immune to this option and how easy it is to justify but I remind myself that I always feel better when its done.  I know that at the completion of my morning routine, the tone is effortlessly set for my day and I am ready for all of it. Exercise bumps up brainpower by boosting mental focus and acuity for up to 10 hours after a workout.  It also boosts metabolism so the body burns more calories throughout the day. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s simply easier to be consistent with exercise in the morning.  Studies have shown that 80%-90% of people who exercise consistently do so in the morning.

If you still think this isn’t your thing I encourage you to investigate that thought more closely.  Is it a delay tactic from your ego quietly sabotaging your success or simply a paradigm of you that you are unwilling to break open? I say let go of past experience and give the a.m. a try.  If you think you don’t have time, then remind yourself that people who are busier than you are making time every day and benefiting from it.  People who exercise routinely in the morning sleep better at night and require less sleep overall. You will never find the time, you must make the time. It’s a choice for no one, and by no one other than you. Don’t be overwhelmed with the future of your workout regime, just take it one day at a time.  Everything will evolve from this moment, life is now.

Set the alarm, wake up, take a breath, think of something you are grateful for and get moving!






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