Episode 394: Ultrarunner Jesse Haynes On Winning the Moab 240 With A 5k Sprint

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Jess and BJ welcome ultrarunner and recent Moab 240 victor Jesse Haynes to the show. It’s safe to categorize this one under story-telling; for the majority of this episode, Jesse takes us through his incredible journey like a verbal journal entry. From his relentless yet unsuccessful pursuit to drop out and the surprise visit on the trail that had him sprinting full gas to the finish, Jesse gives us all the details of his unexpected win.

Jesse has been in the ultra game for over a decade now but has been a runner even longer. With too many races under his belt to count, Jesse has taken some epic wins, a few DNFs, and many top tens and podium spots. Still, perhaps something even more important is that at 50, Jesse appears to have found a longevity recipe in the sport of running that keeps him going and at the top of his game.

Not only does running run through his bones, but it also runs through his household in partnership with his wife, ultrarunner, race director extraordinaire, and YTP guest Keira Henniger, who we had on the show in November 2020.

Thank you so much for tuning in; we truly hope you enjoy the show.

In this episode:

  • Jesse’s Moab 240 recovery
  • Having a plan but a loose plan
  • His only goal for Moab 240
  • Three-minute naps and the solar eclipse
  • Working through pulmonary edema
  • Planning to drop and ultimately winning
  • Power of being in first place
  • Chasing a headlamp that was never there
  • Jesse’s turning point in the race
  • Being hunted
  • Hallucinations and falling asleep standing up
  • All things are possible

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Episode 394 Show Notes:

Moab 240

KH Races

YTP episode 234 with Keira Henniger

Jeff Browning

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