Episode 382: Bryan Mineo – Overcoming Fear To Be One With The Ocean

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Life is an ever-changing ocean of motion, and we may have many iterations of ourselves throughout our lives, so I think purpose can take on many looks and feels.

We can have a sense of purpose throughout our day as we serve others or achieve our goals; we can pay attention to life with purpose so that we are more present in our day-to-day or in the case of today’s guest, we can feel an innate draw to something and follow that calling, and sometimes that becomes our way of life.

Even though Bryan Mineo was raised 250 miles away from the nearest ocean, he felt a love for the ocean from as early as he can remember. He dreamt about swimming in its waters and spending time on its shores but also a distance between what was calling him and his physical surroundings.

He bridged the gap as best he could with pool swimming, then open water swimming in lakes, and eventually moving to Southern California’s Pacific coast and, over time, into the purpose that he lives today, bridging the gap for people between living on land and the great element of water.

Bryan is the founder of The Swim Mechanic and One with the Ocean, which is centered around improving humans’ relationship with the ocean.

If you have been following our stories, you know we’ve been joining the Sunday morning open-water workouts at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. They are incredible training sessions; they are so much fun and also relevant to improving triathlete skills.

Admittedly, we knew about Bryan and his incredible organization, but joining the group took us a few years. Why? We really don’t have a good reason, but we trust the divine orchestration of the timing of our connection and this episode.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Bryan’s happy place in Grand Cayman
  • communing with the ocean
  • ocean connects our global family
  • first traumatic open water experience
  • first awareness of ‘breath’
  • deep-rooted fears about the water
  • importance of creating a first, positive experience
  • Ocean is our teacher
  • the beauty of the impact zone
  • Hold your breath or let it go
  • Learning the frequency of the wave
  • SHARKS and the truth
  • What is the dream?


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Episode 382 Show Notes:

One with the Ocean

Swim Mechanic

Play in the Waves program

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