Episode 378: Professional Triathlete Jason West – “Never give up. Don’t ever give up”

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Let’s start this post with massive namastes, and congrats to Jason for claiming the 2nd podium spot at the PTO US Open in Milwaukee, WI, this past weekend and putting down an insane run split over his competitors. Well done.

We caught up with Jason at the beginning of his taper for this race, and he admits to feeling top-notch.

As of July 31st, Jason is ranked 16th in the world and 3rd in the US according to the Professional Triathletes Organization, and if he keeps racing like he did last weekend, we’re sure to see him climbing those ranks steadily.

Jason started his triathlon career at sixteen and acquired a high level of mental toughness early on as his training consisted of one-speed, full gas. Jason continued to race through college, where he studied kinesiology and then headed to Boulder to pursue a triathlon career.

And that leaves us where we stand now, an ever-emerging star in the sport of triathlon and an absolute threat to all his competitors on the run. We are so grateful to have shared this conversation with Jason and loved his energy and take on mindset.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Self-coaching with a close network of advisors
  • Working through nerves and challenging workouts
  • Having a strong work ethic
  • Early triathlon training plan
  • Learning how to mentally cope with suffering
  • Mindset training
  • Moving forward from poor race performances
  • Needing the contrast to strengthen our desire
  • Loving the process
  • Making money as a PRO – finding a way
  • The race that kept him going
  • Betting on yourself
  • Working with doubt and negative self-talk
  • Jason’s exciting month of racing ahead


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Episode 378 Show Notes:

Watch PTO US OPEN mens race | womens race

Connect with Jason website | instagram

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