Episode 376: Professional Triathlete Tamara Jewett On Going All In And Brutal Acceptance Of The Now

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Tamara Jewett has become a prominent competitor since turning pro in 2019 and, just this year, threw everything into the basket of triathlon when she left her full-time career as a lawyer and went full-in to training and racing as a pro.

Tamara kicked off the year with a win at the iconic Ironman 70.3 Oceanside, a season opener like no other known for its honest course and A-list competition. Competing alongside Paula Findlay and current Ironman world champion Chelsea Sodaro, Tamara was 4th out of the swim, 5th off the bike, and then took the win after throwing down a 1:13:00 half marathon.

She placed 6th at the PTO European Open in early May and followed it up with 2nd at 70.3 ex-en-Provence a few weeks later.

Tamara has a background in high-performance middle-distance track, and since turning to triathlon, she became the first woman to run under 74 minutes at a 70.3.

Triathlete.com launched an article in April claiming that Tamara is becoming the most feared runner in triathlon.

We have a feeling she will continue to blow our socks off, and we’re so excited to dive into the story of this incredible athlete.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • importance of days off for Tamara
  • healing around food and nutrition
  • brutal acceptance of the now
  • injury is not a pause in life
  • patience
  • leaving her career to go all in with professional triathlon
  • sleep for recovery
  • sifting through the noise
  • racing at the competitive edge of the sport
  • permission to have ups and downs
  • learning about your emotions to work through them
  • The dream


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Episode 376 Show Notes:

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