YTP #9: Gail McCarthy on Present Moment Racing, The Power of Pain and Living Fully After Devastating Loss

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This is a story of pain and the different directions its power can take our lives. Gail and I are cousins and spending anytime with us at all would lead you to think that our bond is one of a lifetime of family ties and occasions of togetherness but our story is the opposite. It is one that was driven by the pain of loss and exacerbated by efforts to protect and inability to feel the truth. It is a story that shows us how pain can drive a family apart but it is also a story of never giving up and feeling connections of a lifetime without one single moment of contact. Desolating loss can be the great divider or as Gail shows us, can also be a dynamic driver to living fully once again.

Gail is a triathlete, mom of twins and one of the strongest women I’ve ever known. She joins BJ and I as we chat up triathlon and reveal for the first time our individual stories around familial tragedy. Gail opens up and shares her first-hand recount of the greatest loss of her life. She is a shining example of living the YogiTriathlete way. Her wisdom is rich and she shares it generously as she opens up about her experiences with present moment racing, our separated yet connected lives and how she has been able to thrive in the new and unexpected chapter of life.

I don’t want to give any spoilers to this conversation, you’re just going to have to listen in. Please share your feedback with us and keep recommending the podcast to friends via your social media outlets and otherwise. We are in deep thanks to everyone for their support and we look forward to bringing you inspiring and helpful conversations each week.


Episode 9: Show Notes

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