Screen shot 2016-02-26 at 5.07.03 PMBeing mindful is the simplest thing anyone has ever asked you to do.  It is being aware of the now moment by paying attention to it on purpose.  Somehow we have moved so far away from the moment that it seems as if moving a mountain would be easier than sitting in a mindful meditation for five minutes. So we offer up excuses and justifications for why we can’t be more mindful and the most ironic theme is that we are too busy.  Being too busy is the exact reason to be more mindful because chances are you are missing your life.

There are thousands of peer review published studies right now showing how mindfulness can help us with everything from lowering cholesterol and blood pressure to being more compassionate, focused and better at making decisions.  It assists in regaining our skills to self regulate and break ill serving automatic behaviors in an instant.  Mindfulness is the key to a healthier, rested and happier life but there is no better proof than to experience it yourself.

Jess has been on both sides of spectrum.  A once chronically stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and fearful girl, she credits mindfulness and meditation for transforming everything about her life including performance in sport. She skillfully articulates the teachings in a manner that is easily understood and applicable for modern day living.  Jess is practical in her application and compassionate in meeting her clients where they are at in their process. Transformation is an inside job but the guidance of a teacher offers great support for the journey.

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