Yoga for Athletes Workshop

Yoga for Athletes Workshop
October 1, 2014 Jess

Where:  Newport Power Yoga
When: October 18th / 2:30-4:30
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Doors open at 2:00, come early let’s pre-chat (especially the yoga curious!).

Whether you’re training to walk your first 5k or just finished an ultra marathon this workshop is for all levels of athletes and yogis.  I am an Orthopedic and Sports massage therapist and yoga instructor.  I’ve worked with athletes for last decade from professionals to first timers and have been a competitive age group triathlete since 2005.  I recently completed my 3rd Ironman in Lake Placid reporting a 90-minute improvement on my previous time and an all time personal best on my marathon.  I attribute my ability to stay on track with training and off the injury list to a consistent yoga and self care practice.  I believe that yoga is every athlete’s secret weapon and should be a staple on every training plan.

Learn self care techniques, yoga poses to strengthen common areas of weakness, how to spot injuries early, the power of visualization and why your ego is not your friend.  I have a unique understanding of the body and mind.  I’m willing to share all my tricks so that you may stay healthy and in the game.

What you will need:
-yoga mat (rentals available)
-a towel for your mat and hand towel (we are going to sweat)


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