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The Things We’ve Learned

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We’re one month into our Ride the High Vibe Tour journey and I’m here to report that we’ve already learned so much. Some things random, others randomly helpful and the rest we can chalk up to added spiritual intelligence. We arrived in Lake Placid on June 14th after 72 hours of purging, packing and stuffing every crevice of our Honda Fit with what remained of our material life.

We landed in a very comfortable Air BnB which was booked many months prior to knowing that we’d be moving on that exact date. The divine plan, which keeps showing its face in our daily routine, started our trip by placing us on a property with a Tiny House under construction in the driveway. A sight that I continue to return to in moments of doubt, a sight that will forever remind me that we are on the right track. Our meditation teacher keeps telling us, “just keep on doing what you’re doing everyday”. In other words, don’t give up. Fortunately these are three words that don’t exist as a phrase of action in either of our vocabularies.

This trip so far has been one of patience, detachment, acceptance and connection. There have been beautiful and trying moments. It has been what life always promises, a rich itinerary that we are rarely alerted to in advance. So to bring you all up to date about what’s been trying and what’s been beautiful, I give the top few things we’ve learned so far:

Making a Difference Shows up in Many Forms
We entered into this journey with a somewhat idea of how we would leave our mark. Talks, yoga classes, meditation and self-care sessions were some of the ideas we entertained, all of which at least in my early vision, were centered around the idea of groups and community gatherings. Most certainly, these are happening through our work but what is also happening are smaller and possibly even more powerful impact charged moments. These are the one on one connections that we are making everyday. I don’t believe there has been a day that has passed yet when one of us doesn’t come running to the other with an inspiring recount of an interaction with someone at the beach or the laundry mat or outside the bathroom at the campsite. We are finding that when we connect one on one, without an agenda or pre-determined message to deliver that the intelligence of the connection is magnified greater than we could have imagined. We are finding that by allowing our days to come together organically (see #2) and give space for the divine plan to go to work, our high vibe message is getting out into the world through many and meaningful channels.

The Tests are Daily
To say that we’re getting comfortable with the one-two punch of the divine plan is an understatement. I mentioned on our last podcast that we are no longer under any illusion that we are in charge of anything. I see two driving forces in our daily routine, the first is Clark and the second is Mother Nature. Knowing that we can’t do anything about the weather we move around the often incorrect forecast as best we can to get in our training, meals and work. We have become very resourceful in locations to record podcasts and connect to wi-fi. As far as Clark is concerned, it truly is everything we have avoided our entire married life, it’s like having a child. Someone always needs to be with him and that takes some finagling especially when Mother Nature throws in her two cents. So we felt like we really hit gold the day we heard about Doggie Day Care. The next morning we were there bright and early to enroll our guy in a day of socialization, fun and productivity for mom and dad. The freedom was amazing, I was able to edit an entire podcast in one day, BJ and I got to get some training in together and meditating by the lake without someone coming up to pat Clark was sheer bliss. With a positive report card after his first day, Clark would be welcomed back until he developed a horrible cough, the kind you get at doggie day care. So we’ve spent the last week plus tending to his boogie nose and making rest a priority so that maybe, someday he can return to doggie day care and we can experience childless freedom once again. We are moving forward everyday and making it work. Flexibility is the name of the game and although we have an idea of things we want to accomplish in a day, we receive daily reminders to give up the plan. Final word to the wise on this subject, there is direct correlation of the size of the reminder to how attached I am to the plan.

You Can Get Rid of Everything Except Yourself
During the first week of our trip here I am not going to lie, I was hassled by some anxious energy and pressure to make something happen in order to prove that we were making good on our word to serve. Instead of buying into this non-loving energy I went to work on my meditation pillow. It was there that I got the first glimpse of the absolute non-change of my life despite getting rid of most everything I owned. The one thing I couldn’t leave behind or give away was myself. I am quite familiar with the geographic as I pulled several in my younger days, moving from state to state, college to college in search of a life without me. Each time hoping for a different life and finding only the same because I was the constant that no location change could ever amend. This was never my intention with the Ride the High Vibe Tour, I am wide awake to myself and this is how I can catch these types of negative energy before they get fed. If anything, this moment of clarity was nothing more than proof of the non-power that material things have on my life. No matter how much or how little we own, we will still always have ourselves. I guess what I’m saying is that although the simplicity of our material life is nothing less than intoxicating and I’m most certain that my days of pining over a Pottery Barn catalog are long gone, I am still me and no matter where I am, I am. It’s about how we meet that person that determines the difference in the way our lives are led and stripping away the material allows for a less cluttered view. This what is truly meant when yoga is described as a practice.


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