Ride the High Vibe Tour: The 411 & How to Get Involved

Ride the High Vibe Tour: The 411 & How to Get Involved
June 16, 2016 Jess

We are Jess and BJ, business partners, training buddies, soul mates and co-creators of YogiTriathlete (YT). We are health and wellness coaches for mind and body with a global community reach. We are yogis, meditators, plant-based Ironman triathletes, speakers and brand builders thriving on connecting and serving others to reach their highest potential.

We believe that a vibrant life is the right of all beings and understand that the ways of our modern world do not always allow for this vision to be seen as viable as we see it to be. The demands of our ever growing society to perform, produce and do more with less has left our country in a state of stress, chronic pain and swelling waistlines. Most of our fellow Americans are living in a state of suffering and dis-ease, many of which suffer alone in silence leading to feelings of isolation and helplessness. We want people to know that they are never alone and feeling well is something everyone can achieve.

Jess is a 500-hr Live Love Teach trained yoga instructor, 4x Ironman triathlete, plant-based nutrition enthusiast, dedicated meditator, podcast host, writer and speaker. She credits mindfulness practices and high vibrational eating with creating significant transformation in her health, career and relationships. Before becoming a yoga instructor, Jess was a much sought after sports and orthopedic massage therapist educated in Boulder, CO. She worked primarily with athletes and chronic pain clients on body maintenance, restoring balance and injury rehabilitation. As Head Yogi at YogiTriathlete she dedicates her life’s work to helping others realize how to unearth their gifts, believe in themselves and live in flow with their unique purpose.

BJ is a 7x Ironman triathlete, Boston Marathon qualifier, triathlon and running coach. He is a wellness advocate, speaker and certified in Plant Based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. His zeal for life is infectious as is his passion for serving those around him in achieving their greatest dreams. He has 20+ years experience in design and marketing focused on building customer loyalty and brand awareness. BJ is Head Triathlete at YogiTriathlete and will be racing his 2016 season as an esteemed member of the Trigger Point Therapy team.

YogiTriathlete’s Ride the High Vibe Tour (RTHVT) core mission is to be in service to as many people, families and communities as possible as we make our way to the west coast to live out our dreams in a tiny home and settle into a life of simplistic contentment. There is so much sickness in the US – mentally, spiritually and physically. We believe that we help raise the vibration of our country by educating communities in the healing effects of mindfulness, yoga, high vibe nutrition, exercise, self-care and loving kindness. We plan to utilize every tool in our toolbox to help others reach higher levels of health by sharing freely our experience and knowledge. We will integrate into communities and assess where we can be of service. It will differ from community to community depending on need. In some communities there will be more organized talks, workshops, yoga classes and group movement sessions while in others more one on one connecting. Our experience is that when we allow the mission to fall together organically the impact is always far greater than we could have ever imagined. 

The RTHVT officially begins in Lake Placid, New York in June. Here we will spend approximately six weeks immersing ourselves into the community and embracing opportunities to volunteer and serve. Make sure to follow us on all our social media outlets (links below) to stay up to date on what is happening and to watch the tour unfold. 

From Lake Placid, our plan is to head to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York. Here we will volunteer on the farm and offer free yoga. Our stay at Farm Sanctuary will take us into mid to late August when the big piece of the RTHVT will commence.

We will leave New York and head south to the states with the highest rates of obesity and largest risk factors for the America’s top killers, specifically heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. The exact itinerary and location visits will be determined by need and responsiveness of the communities we reach out to before and during the journey. We already have a general route based on connections we’ve made thus far but just as the inspiration for this adventure came to us from a source beyond our intellect so shall the ultimate schedule of this amazing adventure. We are awake and ready for our highest self to fulfill our purpose.

We are funding this primarily through our savings and donations that we received. Additional support will significantly increase our capability to increase exposure of the tour and leave a mark on the lives of many Americans. Here is how you can help the RTHVT reach its greatest potential:

  • Follow us on social media: Instagram/Facebook/Twitter
  • Subscribe, listen, share and review our podcast – the inspiration behind launching the show is to create connections and bonds between people who otherwise may have never met. If you have a story that needs to be shared or know of someone please contact us.
  • Become a Sponsor – we are looking for like minded businesses to partner with on the tour.
  • Offer us a homestay or lend us your land to camp on.
  • Bring us to your community – contact us with how we can best serve your neighborhoods.
  • Host a workshop or talk – contact us with your location and great idea.
  • Coach with YogiTriathlete – Triathlon/Run: http://bit.ly/1qEIjae and Mindfulness: http://bit.ly/1TyFiCH.
  • Buy our T-Shirts/Tanks: http://bit.ly/244pgDs.
  • Make a Donation – all proceeds will be directly applied to the tour.
  • Have an inspiration that is not on this list – contact us. We have all channels open and are ready to receive your ideas.

We offer deep thanks to everyone for getting involved in support of what we consider to be a life changing adventure for many.

Namaste –

Jess, BJ and Clark (RTHVT canine mascot)


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