Podcast 60: Kevin Portmann, Professional Triathlete on Not Rolling with The Punches to Taking the Win

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“Surreal” is how first-year pro, Kevin Portmann describes his overall age group win at Ironman Couer d’Alene in 2016. I’ve heard this from many people who describe a moment in life where they realize a dream. I too have experienced moments unfold that I’ve envisioned for years and then find it hard to believe in their unveiling. I can’t help but wonder, is this because the part us of that has trouble believing we are capable or worthy of our dreams overshadows the part that always knows any dream is ours to accomplish? Is self-doubt really that strong or is it that we’re just less in touch with the part of us that remains unshakably strong and capable? I believe the root of it is due to the world in which we are conditioned to believe that we are in a constant state of lack. New car, new home, new clothes, a better job, more money, stronger, leaner and faster. We are constantly barraged with messages that we need to do more, have more and be more.

Although Kevin shares a bit about his struggle in believing in himself he shows us all that we can still take leaps of faith to follow our dreams. Clinching his pro card in 2016 Kevin is moving full force into his passion of racing triathlon as his career. And with Mariesa, his new bride, by his side, we fully believe that anything is possible for this hungry athlete. The two of them, in partnership, are navigating the triathlon circuit as new kids on the block. Finding their way, making mistakes and learning for the future. We chat about the importance of Marissa’s role in supporting Kev’s dreams and the difficulties that go along with being his good cop and bad cop.

We take the trip along Kevin’s triathlon life starting with his first race in upstate New York where, despite crashing on the bike, left him eager for more. This hunger has led him to the finish lines of countless triathlons including three Ironmans in 11 weeks, two World Championship qualifications and invitation into the elite club of professional racing. Kevin dispels the myth that the life of a professional triathlete is all glamor and he reveals for the first time a goal that he’s never talked about before to others.

We’re grateful to have such a talented athlete for you guys today and look forward to supporting his career and cheering him on. Thanks so much for tuning into the show each week. For those who want to take their support to another level please visit our Patreon page to pledge your monthly contribution. We have every intention to keep the show alive and we are grateful for the support of the YT community in doing so.



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