Podcast 48: Eney Jones on the Yoga of Swimming & Mastery in Sport

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“The whole point is to be relaxed and centered during the storm”
-Eney Jones

Forward breath, two beat cross-over, Chinese take-out and driving with a snorkel. What the heck are we talking about?

Swimming, of course. Actually, we’re talking about downright intelligence of technique and execution that is steeped in science and equals less resistance and more flow in movement through the water.

Eney Jones is our guest today and she is straight out of the box. In other words, she is intelligent. She has an ability to take data and information and create new concepts that yield results. She has produced innovative tools and techniques that have greatly improved the performance of many well-known athletes. Eney is always stretching possibility and she does this by remaining in a state of curiosity. She has what yogis describe as a “beginners mind”. Refusing to rely on her decades of expertise, she is open to learning and by not resting on her laurels, she has become one of the most sought after swim coaches in the world.

The daughter of an Olympic swimmer and world record holder, Eney was putting down 10,000 yards a day in the pool at the age of thirteen. She was literally born to swim and through a lifetime of being submerged, she is now living her purpose more than ever as she guides athletes, every day, to finding their most efficient stroke and movement through water.

Eney combines the principles of yoga and athletics to pull out the highest potential in each athlete and she believes, above all else, that we must enjoy what we do with our heart. Combining love and strength in our sport equals our greatest performance. By not giving the negative any energy she draws upon the unique strengths of each athlete to create their optimal body/mind connection in sport and life.

To say that I enjoyed this conversation is an understatement. In my relisten, during post-production, I was so jazzed to continue our against the grain pursuit in life and I can only hope that a spark is fired up within the many who tune into this chat with one of the greats in athletics. Thank you for listening, we appreciate your support more than we can accurately express. Thank you for using the Amazon Banner Ad and for becoming patrons of the show on Patreon.


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Episode 48 Show Notes:

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Eney’s Dad – International Swimming Hall of Fame – Master Honoree Burwell “Bumpy” Jones

Eney’s 1st swim coach – Gregg Troy

Waikiki Rough Water Swim

Equilateral Triathlon

Man Search for Meaning By Viktor Frankl

Two Beat Cross Over – video from Rio 1500

Angela Naeth

Pre-race Pranayama

Dr. Phil Maffetone

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