Podcast 41: James “IronCowboy” Lawrence on Life After the 50-50-50

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On July 25, 2015, James “IronCowboy” Lawrence took the last step of a 50-day ultra endurance feat totaling 7,030 miles. A summer vacation never to be forgotten. James, with his five children, wife Sunny and wingmen Aaron and Casey by his side, completed 50 Iron distance triathlons in 50 days in 50 states.

Despite the naysayers and the critics, James showed the world that there is no impossible. Each morning he would start with a 2.4-mile swim followed by an 112-mile bike and finish the day with a 26.2-mile run and then travel each night to the next destination only to do it all again. It was a span of time that James describes as “50 days with naps”. It was an accomplishment that he believes is impossible but because of a perfect storm of circumstances, he was able to complete his mission.

This conversation is a look into James’s life after the 50 and how this epic feat has set a new trajectory in his life. A life in which he gets to do what he loves as his profession. We talk about fear and the paralysis that it can create in life but also its necessity for growth and learning. James shares amazing insight on how to move through fear and how to put inspiration into action.

James is not an overnight success, the realization of his life now has been decades in the making. He never gave up on his entrepreneurial spirit nor the belief in himself to provide for his family and come out on top. Through his experiences, he has been shown the generosity of humanity and is now able to give back to others by sharing his story, sparking the flames of inspiration in others and helping athletes realize their dreams through his coaching services at Team IronCowboy. But first and foremost, James is a family man and we got to see his beautiful community of family and friends during our stay in Utah. It’s a pleasure to know James and an honor to share his story.

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