Free Yoga in Lake Placid July 22 & 23

Free Yoga in Lake Placid July 22 & 23
July 14, 2015 Jess

Listen to my guided visualization of the Ironman Lake Placid course for race day.  Let me know what you think.



The hay is in the barn and the daily sacrifice is coming to an end for Ironman Lake Placid athletes and their wingmen.  The big day is just around the corner and in anticipation of this incredible event, I am offering free mindfulness based yoga classes on the mornings leading up to the race.

What: Free Slow Flow Vinyasa Practice
Where: Lake Placid Village Beach
When: Friday, July 22nd and Saturday, July 23rd at 7:00am
Who: Everyone – athletes, families, friends and the Lake Placid community at large
Bring: Towel or mat & water
Wear: Comfortable clothes, bring an extra layer(s) and socks as it can be chilly in the morning

The practice is designed for the athletes racing although everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend.  The point of this practice is not to twist your body like a pretzel or get stronger but to maintain flow in your body and mind while setting the tone for your days leading up to the race. As a 3x IMLP finisher, I will share all my tricks and tips to limit race day suffering and increase ease through simple mindfulness practices. Everything I teach can immediately be put into action by everyone involved in the athlete experience for greater race day success.

How you perform on race day is dependent on your mental game. Yoga’s mindfulness practices guide athletes to focus on what’s happening now rather than fears, doubts or ego. You can be fit, strong and tough but none of that matters unless you can adapt quickly to unexpected and changing circumstances. Having the tools to tap into flow on purpose will make all the difference to your experience. Flow is a state of superb consciousness, one without fear, doubt or resistance. It is a state of complete ease and this is where your highest potential is available. Join me and learn how to tap in so you can ride the high vibe, all day long.

About Jess
I am an Ironman triathlete and have worked with athletes for more than a decade as a sports and orthopedic massage therapist and now a mindfulness based yoga instructor.  I have been racing triathlon for 10 years and practicing yoga for 20 years. I am passionate about nutrition and follow a plant-based diet. I am also the founder of YogiTriathlete.

Most recently my husband, BJ (IMLP athlete #361) has joined me and we have grown from an online blog into a community of mindful competitors who are taking leaps of faith, turning their health around, taking charge of their minds and surprising themselves on the race course. We bring mindfulness and plant based eating to sport and life for high vibrational living and compassionate competition on all levels, especially with ourselves. We provide yoga instruction, mindfulness and triathlon coaching.


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