6.5 Weeks to IM Cozumel

6.5 Weeks to IM Cozumel
October 14, 2015 Jess

Everyday I am honing my ability to live in the present moment because when I am here, life flows with ease.

This is the final sentence of a post entitled “10 Months to Ironman Cozumel” that I wrote on January 28th of this year. As I sit here today, 6.5 weeks out, fatigued as all get out and stronger than I’ve ever felt, I know that its through my relentless pursuit to be present that has me to this point without any major blow ups, physically or mentally. Without presence, every single day would feel completely overwhelming and without the patience that comes with presence, I would have certainly lost my cool too many times to count by now. I know these things to be true because the opposite of how I live now is how I used to live. Many overwhelming moments, days, weeks and blow ups that had everyone running in the other direction just to get out of my war path.

Since I began my training for this race, I have chosen to get up everyday and make contact with the moment in front of me. Instead of waking up and seeing multiple classes to teach, meditation to complete, meals to prepare, training sessions and work to be done, I see the moment in front of me. I make contact with it and move into what is the most logical next step for my day. This doesn’t mean that I don’t plan ahead or set goals or forget to make dinner. It means that I trust that the important things will get done in the order which makes the most sense for that individual day. This also means that many things fall by the wayside in lieu of my training but it is clear by the non-impact of these things on my life that they weren’t that important to begin with.

Living in the flow of presence doesn’t mean that my life is without challenge. Its through presence that I am able to ride the waves with less breaks and crashes. To live in presence is the warrior path, it takes a brave, dedicated heart to meet each moment and see the reality of how we are navigating the now. It gives us the opporutnity to repeatedly begin again. And no matter how delicious it is to indulge impatience or a feeling of being overwhelmed, the choice to be present and in truth is always there. Living in presence provides us with the every moment opportunity to live this life exactly the way we were meant to, in alignment with our heart’s blueprint not our mind’s agenda.

Training for Ironman is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever experienced and through a committment to living in presence I have found the greatest of ease within that challenge. This translates to every aspect of my life. Every time we chose presence, we are tapping into our most powerful self, our truthfulness and compassionate heart, we are no longer expending our energy frivilously by being overwhelmed by the illusion that life is anything more than right now.


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  1. Jenny 9 years ago

    You are going to crush it! Great blog as usual????

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