YTP #8: Ask the YTs – Tent Life Discoveries, How To Be In Service Everyday and Fleshing Out the E-G-O!

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Welcome back to our monthly Ask the YTs show where we answer questions from you, the listeners and dig into topics where you are finding inquiry. We appreciate everything you thrown our way and you’ve definitely challenged us to dive into to some heavy subject matters and today is no different.

We begin on the lighter side with an update on our Ride the High Vibe tour and when I say our, I mean ours – yours and mine. This is an energetic manifestation of purpose that requires forward motion and support everyday. We’re finding that since arriving in Lake Placid and setting out on this journey that our days are full. We are so jazzed by the possibilities of this tour and the connections that we’ve already made that we are constantly reminded that we are on track. Things are starting to fall into place for our next destination and we share some exciting news about that on the show today.

Being on track doesn’t necessarily mean that we have a solid routine, everyday is different and our daily itineraries are dictated by two main forces, Mother Nature and Clark. BJ shares our new life’s demands on him to have flexibility in his final weeks of Ironman training. He’s a routine type of guy and he talks about how the absence of his daily routines is affecting his training. Both of us are experiencing a new groove and flexibility is the dance and we seem to be falling in step with the energy of this mountain community.

We share in how we’ve been supporting the Lake Placid community and vice versa, the locals have absolutely welcomed us in with open hearts and community support. We reveal a few talks that are in the works for July at High Peaks Cyclery – more information coming so stay tuned. Being in service feels so right to us and I believe its helping us receive the support that is being offered. As we talked in our last installment of Ask the YTs, everything is currency and you don’t have to sell your house and giveaway your possessions to be in service. There are little things everyday that will allow you to be in the vibe of selfless service and within the connection of oneness.

The perfect segue into our final topic on the show today – the ego, the great separator. We parse through an email from a listener who’s found herself in inquiry on this topic. I define the ego as my studies have me understanding it but encourage the adoption of a sitting practice to truly allow introspection to do its work. The ego cannot exist in presence so every time we sit for meditation, which focuses on present moment awareness, we get an opportunity to experience true being without the presence of the ego. We fall in and out of presence every day and certainly in meditation, especially if you’re just starting out, but the important thing to remember is that even one moment of presence is a major victory. Most of us are, what I call, living asleep. We are so identified with the human body, physical world and intellect that many believe that is all there is and what I’m saying is that those are the limiters for us to truly see all that is. We are connected deeply with one another through our nature as spiritual beings and we look a little deeper today on a practice to start realizing that in your own life.

We hope you enjoy the show – let us know your thoughts! Keep tuning in, sharing with your friends and please, if you are taking something away from the YTP, leave a review for us on iTunes and definitely keep riding the high vibe!


Episode 8: Show Notes

Lake Placid ADK

High Peaks Cyclery Mini Tri

You Want Me to Mini-Tri?

Live Love Teach Yoga Teacher Training

Eckhart Tolle – Power of Now

Michael Singer – Untethered Soul


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