Podcast 40: Matt Korsky Plant-Powered Coach and Ultra Endurance Athlete

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Working long hours away from his family as a physical education teacher while carrying an extra 10 to 15 lbs on his body, pounding upwards of eight cups of coffee a day and training for an Ironman left Matt Korsky feeling exhausted. His daily grind was getting the best of him and as injuries showed up in his body he started to feel depressed. Needless to say, he never made it to the starting line of that Ironman.

It was during this time that Matt experienced a life-transformative moment which set him on an entirely new trajectory in life. It was just after taking the life of a fish he had caught for dinner that Matt felt the weight of what he had done. It was then that he realized he never wanted to kill again in order to fill his plate. This was the beginning of Matt’s plant-based journey.

Historically a person who is always up for something new, his wife was not surprised when he came home and told her that he was going vegan. He already had a head start because the school where he worked served vegetarian lunch. It was February 2013 when Matt went vegan and his wife followed just a few months later while pregnant with their second child.

Within weeks Matt felt a huge difference in his health. Diagnosed with ADD as a child he noticed a major difference in his cognitive clarity and for the first time in his life, he felt like he was in charge of his decisions. He effortlessly kicked his coffee habit and restarted his active life by signing up for Ironman Maryland. He sought out all of the rites of passage books for a plant-based athlete, Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra, Brendan Brazier’s Thrive and T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study. He spent time educating himself on the plant-power lifestyle and knew that he had to share this message of health with others. He felt a huge change in his ability to bang out big workouts and recover quickly.

Matt’s transition away from his full-time teaching job took patience and education. Although his circumstances at work became even more challenging he stayed with it until he was fully ready to make the leap. To gain more confidence and vision he attended Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan Academy. He also became a certified yoga instructor as a means to bring in immediate income while he was building his vegan coaching business.

Matt’s story is such a perfect example of divine guidance and living at the hands of the universal schedule maker. He is thriving in his new life creation. He is fit, happy and excited to say that everything in his life is growing, including his family. Plant-powered baby no. 3 is on its way this spring!

He is guiding people to living a more conscious and health-full life through his Plant-Powered Coaching business, his yoga classes and his work at the Ethical Choices Program where Matt finds himself back in the school system educating teens on the impact of food choices.

There is no wasted effort on the path to finding our purpose. Matt can look back and see the perfect sequence of events that led him to where he is today. He gives some great tips and permissions on how to create your purposeful life. We dive into so many topics during our conversation today so you’re just going to have to buckle in to get the full monty with our guest Matt Korsky.



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