Health, Happiness & Feeling Worthy of it All

Health, Happiness & Feeling Worthy of it All
February 13, 2014 Jess

We have a sign in our training area that says BELIEVE, it is perched on the shelf above our bikes. I don’t notice it often but when I do I always seem to fall into a few moments of contemplation. During my ride this morning, I happened to glance up at it and experienced the same.  Trite as this piece of decor may be, I love the reminder it gives me.  Believe in myself, at all times, without reservation.  Go all in when it comes to living my life to the fullest, no matter how scared it makes me sometimes.  We must believe that we are worthy, perfect beings just the way we are right now.  Believing that we have the right to reap the benefits of a joyful, healthful and vibrant life is key. Beliefs such as these help us get closer to our center and our truth.

I see a lot of bogging down in the world today and movement away from one’s center.  I see people who are clouded by having so much to do in so little time.  Too many obligations, no time to exercise.  Too much stress, not enough sleep.  Too much noise, not enough quiet. These things are making us sick and lowering our vibration.  This will lead to a focus on negative thought patterns, more drama and less positive beliefs.  A 2013 United Nations report ranked happiest countries, the United States locked down 17th position out of 156 countries.  Not bad, statistically speaking, but the US also showed numbers consistent with an overall decline of happiness since the last report, which came out in 2011. I believe that this downward motion can shift.

I believe we can be happier, feel less bogged down and we can open to the world of pure potentiality that awaits us.  We all have the tools to accomplish this its just a matter of getting them out and starting to dig.  When we dig we move closer to our center, closer to the divine connection that we all share, closer to harmony in the world.  I see how the extra weight being carried by many, physical and otherwise, makes it more difficult to see this path to light and joy. Little changes will go a long way, no matter how small, and are always more powerful when we can make them without judgement.  One of my favorite messages from the Bhagavad Gita is that no effort on the path to realize oneself is a waste. Nothing that you do to create more joy, believe in yourself and live healthier will be a waste.  Here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

Simplify Commitments and Open up Space
Say “no”. Honor your time and don’t over commit yourself to the sacrifice of your sleep, time with family, preparing healthy food. When it comes to material things get rid of anything you do not use on a regular basis.  Move away from material and mental clutter that is taking up space in your life and blocking new things from entering.

Quiet Down, Power Down
Don’t turn on the television as soon as you wake up or walk in the door.  Better yet, unplug it and keep it off.  Save money by not having a cable bill and use those savings towards purchasing healthy food options.  Get up 5 minutes earlier every morning and sit quietly, listen to your breath. Keep the importance of your phone and the importance of people around you in check.  Power it down at least once a day and take a break no matter how small, it will never be a waste.

Cultivate Gratitude
One of the exercises we had to do in my yoga training was to create daily ‘spiderwebs’.  Pick a word, a person, sport, passion, hobby etc. and write it down then draw a line from the word and write something about it that you love.  Continue until you can’t think of anything more and go back to it when you do.  Over time you will cultivate more love, more gratitude and more positive vibes in your life.

Say Nice Things to Yourself
Whether its from the tag of a tea bag or inside a fortune cookie it can never hurt to say nice things to yourself.  Similar to the spiderweb exercise, the more we do this the more we will believe what we are telling ourselves.  My most favorite healing mantra is Ho’Oponopono which literally means to set things right, cleansing us from our suffering.  Four phrases that can be said in your mind or out loud anytime you need to feel peace.  Simple say them over and over until you feel calm: “I love you, I’m sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank you.”

Eat High Vibrational Food
Incorporating more plants into your diet will raise your energy level and health overall.  By eating foods as close to their natural state as possible we are able to pull the most out of them energetically and nutritionally.  Taste does not have to be sacrificed with a whole foods diet, check out some of my mouth watering recipes.  No more weight loss woes as your body will shed extra pounds it doesn’t need as a byproduct of good nutrition.  Sure it takes time to prepare good food but I am hard pressed to think of anything more important than preparing the food that powers you to complete all the tasks on your ‘to do’ list.  It feels good to feel good.  Eat well and see for yourself.

By quieting down life a little, eating nutrient dense foods, feeling grateful and being kind, your ability to believe in a better world for yourself and others will start to blossom.  From there it will grow so take a chance on yourself and believe in this beautiful life.


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  1. espanta 10 years ago

    what a great blog!! in that place of wobbly self worth during my teacher training. thanks THANKS!!

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