Triathlon & Run & Mental Training


Anyone can train you to get the physical, and we most certainly can do that too, but what truly defines athleticism is found not in the body but the mind. Our mental training protocol doesn’t just give you the edge, it actually changes your brain, the one part of our being that has no limits. Literally, our brains have a quality known as neural plasticity. Science has shown that we can create, widen and narrow neural pathways to change our relationship to way we see the world, our training and ability to see transform the impossible into the possible.

Training the mind and body in tandem not only offers the highest in fitness but will move us away from automatic behaviors and conditioned patterning that hinders our capacity to live, train and race to our fullest potential. Learn how to detach from the outcome, be in the moment and make yourself fully available for the task at hand to achieve peak performance in your sport and life.

Every YogiTriathlete athlete not only has access to BJ, our Head Triathlete and real-deal yogi but also receives a monthly Skype or in-person session with Jess, our Head Yogi and experienced triathlete in her own right. Jess and BJ have over 20 years combined experience in racing triathlon and Jess has been practicing yoga for more than two decades. Prior to becoming a yoga instructor, Jess spent many years working with athletes as a sports and orthopedic massage therapist, she not only knows the mind, she knows the body.

If this way of training speaks to you, if you’re willing to try something new, if you’re hitting a brick wall in your sport, contact us today.

Coaching Per Month:

$225/month triathlon

$125/month running

$25/session mindfulness (more information here)