“The Magic That Is Existence That Is Us”

“The Magic That Is Existence That Is Us”
December 24, 2014 Jess

So often, in my line of work, I hear people being disappointed with their bodies or frustrated with their pain. In many cases these bodies have endured compounded daily stressors whether that be emotional, nutritional, pharmaceutical or otherwise.  The fact is our bodies are always organizing towards health. Whether we interpret it that way or not is a choice.  The profound brilliance of the body is so often overlooked and taken for granted.

The title of this post is actually a quote that I took from the following video as spoken by Alexander Tsiaras, Associate Professor of Medicine and Chief of Scientific Visualization at Yale University. This video shows so very well the magnificence that is the creation of life and with that the human body.  An intricate, complex and seamless network of absolute intelligence. The human body is a gift given to each of us so that we can live in this beautiful world. Let’s not forget its miracle.  Watch this video now:

Featured photo: screenshot from above video.


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