Roaring Calm Patagonia Yoga Adventure

“Jess you are truly talented with your words. You have an amazing ability to touch people’s souls. Your transparency helps me feel that I am not alone. So thank you for climbing to the top and giving us your perspective at a 10,000 ft view.  – Sheila – Awake Athlete Podcast listener

Roaring Calm Patagonia Yoga Adventure
March 2-9, 2024

Join Jess on this extraordinary yoga adventure to the otherwordly land of Patagonia, Chile.

The Roaring Calm Retreat promises awe in your heart and soul as you navigate the unparalleled Futaleufú River, hike, kayak, SUP, and mountain bike.

At night, you will relax with hot tub soaks as glacier mountains surround you, and then you will anchor it all within all-level yoga practices led by Jess, who will be with you every step of the way, offering you calm presence and powerful leadership.

If this fully-guided adventure calls for you, know it is not by happenstance.

We encourage you to answer that call and take the leap into what life wants to experience through you.

No matter your experience level, whitewater novices will safely navigate the river with the help of amazing local guides and safety catarafts.

The Futaleufú River is second to none; its headwaters are found in the glacial snow melt of the UNESCO-protected Los Alerces National Park in Argentina, and it is one of only two rivers to cross the 5,308-kilometer Chile-Argentina border.

Local lodges, all with en suite bathrooms, allow a taste of Patagonia culture and hospitality.

Your midweek accommodations have deck hot tubs with stunning mountain views and your weekend’s lakeside stays with all the beauty you’d expect (and more).

The Roaring Calm Patagonia Yoga Adventure has comfort, character, and luxury wrapped up in one fantastical week.

Act now because if not now, when?

The Travel Yogi offers a wonderful pay-as-you-go option. Think layaway dreams! $750 now secures your spot.