YTP#26 Amie Hamlin on The Politics of Food, How Big Industry Really Works & Cultivating a Culture of Wellness in Schools

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In 2013, history was made when PS244, a public school in Flushing Queens, NY shifted their school lunch program to fully vegetarian. With the help of today’s guest, Amie Hamlin and her organization, the Coalition for Healthy School Food (CHSF), PS244 continues to be a landmark accomplishment in the world of health and education. Schools and parents all over the country are using PS244’s story to help enact change in their local community. CHFS’s goal is to change the way schools feed kids by introducing plant-based foods and nutrition education in schools to educate the whole school community.

It is federally mandated that all schools must have wellness policies and must have nutrition education goals but like so many, health can be a confusing and daunting subject matter. Many schools don’t have the manpower or time to research and create effective, sustainable programs. This is where CHSF can be of great service to schools. Available resources such as Wellness Wakeup Call, Nutrition Education Posters, Teachers and Nurses Make a Difference Handouts and a Hotline open to anyone looking to inspire change in their school district. CHSF makes it easy for schools to make big change and meet federal guidelines for a little bit of money. But this interview isn’t just about schools and it’s not just for parents. This podcast is for anyone looking to bring more health into their life.

Amie is a wealth of information when it comes to plant-based nutrition and living a vegan lifestyle. We discuss the uprising of veganic farming, the power of big business, especially the dairy industry and the politics of food.  She shares her compelling story of how she became plant-based and why it took 10 more years before she gave up dairy. Amie is so passionate about educating others on the big changes that we can make by taking very small steps.

Amie shares generously throughout the podcast and from the time we spent with her in Ithaca, it’s just clear that she is living her purpose to serve and educate everyone who inquires. We are so grateful to have met such an inspired person who is living what she teaches. Amie is walking the walk and there is so much to learn from her.

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Episode 26 Show Notes:

Coalition for Health School Food

CHS Resources (morning announcements, posters etc.)

CHS Donate Now


Forks Over Knives

The China Study

Board of Cooperative Educational Services

Huguenot Street Farm


Vegan Long Island

Vegetarian Summerfest

Students At First Vegetarian School Find Better Health and Academic Success

Dr. Melanie Joy – Beyond Carnism, TedxTalk

Book: “Toxic Sludge is Good for You

Dairies to Berries – video from NutritionFacts.org

Peck School – 2nd in NYC to serve all vegetarian lunch

Livestocks Long Shadow – Summation of UN Report

Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen

MainStreet Vegan

Victoria Moran

We Don’t Eat Animals – About Ruby Roth

That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals – Ruby Roth Facebook Page

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