YTP EP#14 Part I: Alex Buell, Plant-Based Athlete on Honoring Culture, Med School and Meditation

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Today I share a conversation with our friend Alex. This plant-based yogi is an athlete, aspiring MD and no doubt a major game changer of the future. He is strong, open hearted, level headed and wise beyond his years. We recorded this conversation a few months ago and it was one of those chats that could have easily gone on without time limits. This week I am trying something new since this is longer format episode, I am breaking it into parts with the 2nd half being released one week later.

We begin our conversation with an intense experience Alex had on a recent trek to South America that pushed all of his buttons and put into question his ability to live in alignment with his values. He breaks down how he navigated this experience in the sense of his directive attention and being in the moment while honoring another culture. He shares the moment when all the dots connected for him bringing his plant-based lifestyle decisions full circle.

He shares about an internal yearning to return home from his trip early-on and the real-life loss that eventually turned this yearning into reality. Alex and I talk about the importance of have a strong back bone for travel but to also let go and allow adventure to create itself in lieu of hard-lined planning. When we are up against a mind that bases everything off past experience we must, because of its nature, chose away from the mind at times so we may step into the unknown. We agree that stepping into the vast unknown is a part of living fully.

And for Alex, the unknown is his future as a medical doctor. He shares his struggles with the mind in processing his options of pursuing a career that will require years of his focus and balancing that with his passion for holistic wellness; medicine + plant-based eating + mindfulness practice. We leave you with a bit of a cliff-hanger as we await Alex’s answer on if he is going to pursue such a long and arduous path in lieu of choosing something more immediate.

We hope you enjoy Part 1 of my conversation with Alex Buell. Keep sending us your feedback and questions for future episodes. You guys are helping us make this the best podcast for you and we feel grateful to have been blessed with this role.


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