YTP #19 Ask the YTs: The Interview – Flipping Life Upside Down and Walking into the Unknown with Equanimity

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Today we bring you US! Yes, it’s true. In this episode of Ask the YT’s, BJ and I are the interviewees. On our recent visit to Asheville, NC we met up with my cousin Barbara, a soul sister who we haven’t seen in over 10 years. But like all soul connections, we picked up like we just saw each other hours before. Barbara was full of inquiry about our trip and since many of her questions overlapped with listener questions, we decided to fire up the mics and flip roles this month.

We open up about the birthplace of the Ride the High Vibe Tour, our greatest fears and challenges so far. We reveal why we kept it a secret and how we knew when it was the right time to let it all out. We dive in about our lives on the road, living in equanimity and how we know too much to not see and seize our opportunities for growth. Barbara is a master of holding space to share and we are so grateful for her time to open up about what’s it been like to jump off the cliff of life.

Barbara is a public speaker, transformational coach and facilitator, and world traveler who has been accused of living the life of a gypsy. Just two years ago she set off on pilgrimage and hiked the nearly 500 mile Camino de Santiago, a trek that people embark on in search of spiritual growth. Barbara is a soul sister, free spirit and light worker here on earth. It was so beautiful to share this exchange with her and BJ, I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Keep tuning in every week for the most inspiring, purpose driven guests that are here for you. Our hope is that maybe, just maybe these conversations will fire a spark within driving you, us and everyone closer to discovering and embracing the unique gifts that we all have to share with the world.


Episode #19 Show Notes:

My Coach Barbara

Camino de Santiago

Amrita Plant-Based Nutrition Bars

Sand Mandala – Creation and Destruction

Farm Sanctuary

Huntington’s Kitchen

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Yoga Soul

Ironman Louisville



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