Week #4 Ironman Training

Week #4 Ironman Training
January 27, 2014 Jess

Swim, bike, run, snow, yoga, yoga, yoga.  The summation of week #4 as training ensued despite another snow storm mid-week bringing with it frigid temps for outdoor anything.  The day the storm hit I had a run on my schedule and like I’ve said before it takes a lot for this girl to run on a treadmill.  For me, I just can’t wrap my head around not going anywhere.  I know, completely contradictory to my accord with my bike trainer.  I’m sure it has everything to do with not owning a treadmill, driving to the gym and adhering to 30-min max times and sign up sheets.  I don’t want to have to limit, stalk or sign up to run, I just want to run.  And so I did on Wednesday within the 2-hour window that promised sun in the forecast.  A lengthy nap almost foiled my plan but alas I rose and ran.  It was hard core, not much room on the streets between me, the snow and cars.  Armed with my Road ID I stayed as cautious as possible.  Home safe, I felt accomplished and grateful.

The week capped off with the Bryan Kest workshop at Newport Power Yoga.  I attended 2 sessions on Saturday and closed out with a no joke power class on Sunday.  Suffice to say my areas of opportunity, hips and hammies, are recovering well.  A light swim today put some medicine on my wounds and I’m feeling good for week #5.

Week #4 Recap

2000 yd swim
1h 25m Z2 ride
20 min recovery run
53 min run
60 min vinyasa
1h 25m z2 bike
75 min heated vinyasa


2400 yd swim
53 min z2 run
60 min z2 bike
2hr 30 min power yoga
2hr 30 min long, slow, deep, INTENSE!
2hr 30 min power yoga


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