Week #21 Ironman Training

Week #21 Ironman Training
May 28, 2014 Jess

Following a loud warning sign that my recovery was less than adequate coming off of last week, I decided to go with 3 days of lighter workouts this week.  Tuesday through Thursday were significant abbreviations of my planned training and the additional rest felt really good. I was completely refreshed.  I finished the week strong with my long ride Saturday and double run on Sunday. Listening to my body and acting on what I heard was a key decision.  With less than 3 weeks to my first half iron distance of the season, this is no time to let my ego run the show.  Meaning, I was in no way going to let fear of lost workouts push me further into exhaustion.

The first goal of every race is getting to the starting line healthy. I know, from experience, that the last thing I’m thinking about on race day is the workouts I missed.  I’ve seen people push themselves past exhaustion and into an unrecoverable state.  This usually ends up in an injury or worse, the dreaded DNF. It is important to understand that there is an inherent wisdom of the body and no matter what you may think, it is always organizing towards health.  I’ve found that, as its inhabitant, it is crucial to fine tune my ability to listen to that brilliance and equally as critical to do this without creating drama around it.

I recall many moons ago when I was receiving my first 10 series of rolfing, I mentioned to my practitioner that I had a ‘bad ankle’. She looked up at me, as she was grounding my feet and said, “This is just your ankle of opportunity, there is nothing bad about it.” This comment changed my thinking forever.  From that moment on my perspective shifted, I no longer had a bad anything.  In fact, what I found was that all I had was grand opportunities to learn and change my attitude about an experience I was being provided.  Over the years this perspective shift has allowed me more ease in accepting the messages I receive from my body.  Having a plan is important for training but the capacity to let go of that plan is even more important.

Today, many moons since that rolfing appointment, I find I no longer have any issues in my ankle and the mindset I gained that day is stronger than ever as I work to embrace new areas of opportunity in my body.  The body is forever changing and the mind needs to bend with it or else suffering will increase and vital energy will be lost.  Only you can listen to the messages. Trust your instinct and know that there is no good or bad, just experience and opportunity.


Week #21 Recap

1900 yd swim
30 min recovery
60 min vinyasa yoga
1400 yd swim
60 min heated vinyasa
35 min z2 run
60 min z1/z2 ride


2600 yd swim
60 min vinyasa yoga
4hr 15 min z2/z3 ride
40 min z2 run
48  min z2 run
60 min recovery bike
48 min z2 run


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