Week #20 Ironman Training

Week #20 Ironman Training
May 21, 2014 Jess

This is the point in my training where I say, “Where the heck did 20 weeks go?”  With just 4 weeks to the Patriot half and 10 weeks to Placid I need to keep tuning in and listening to my body.  This is the phase where over-training can occur so it is key that I make sure my recovery is tip top.  This is also a phase where my ego likes to stick its ugly face in to tell me that I haven’t done enough and I won’t be prepared for the big day.  Thankfully this cowgirl is well versed at the rodeo and won’t be buying into that type of horse manure.

That said, I capped off my week with a long ride Sunday during which my body was showing big signs of big fatigue.  Although I felt sluggish that morning, mentally I was on task and ready to go. It was another, yes another, warm and sunny day which offered perfect riding conditions.  I headed out and turned around to make sure I wasn’t dragging a wagon of cement blocks as my heart rate barely rose into a qualified workout zone.  I rode almost 4 hours and it wasn’t until 90 minutes into the ride that I started to feel my legs under me.  I decided to disregard what my watch was reporting in terms of my heart rate and I completed the ride on feel.  I returned home and focused on recovery – protein blend, hot shower, nutritious lunch and long nap.  I continued to feel abnormally fatigued into Monday and after my swim that morning it was clear I needed more rest than what I had planned.  After talking with Beej I was grateful to hear that his coach had just put him on 3-5 days of light workouts to increase his recovery.  I decided to jump on board and two days into a lighter load I’m already feeling so much better.

I’m grateful to be at this point in the sport where I can trust in the work I’ve already done and honor the wisdom of my body.  I’ve refused rest in the past while indulging my ego in its pursuit to beat me down and I’ve paid dearly for both.  Training is so much more than getting the workouts done and that is a dynamic of this journey that draws me in deeper. Namaste.

Week #20 Recap

1850 yd swim
1hr 30 min BST ride
22 min z2 T run
75 min heated vinyasa
2600 yd swim
50 min recovery bike
15 min recovery run
40 min tabata ride
55 min hill repeat run
75 min heated vinyasa


2600 yd swim
60 min recovery run
90 min z2/z3 run
30 min z2 run
3hr 50 min z2/z3 ride
60 min vinyasa yoga




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