Week #18 Ironman Training

Week #18 Ironman Training
May 7, 2014 Jess

I’ve been cautious to celebrate but I think it’s now official – spring has sprung in the Northeast after one helluva long winter.  Historically, I’ve never been one to be affected by a gray or cold day.  I’m typically the annoying person reminding everyone that even when it’s cloudy, the sun never stops shining.  This year, I lost that attitude and joined the crowd of resistance around April when I found myself still running in winter tights, gloves and hat.  Once on board the resistance train, I noticed this mindset only increased my dissatisfaction, making each chilly day far worse than its reality.  I know better than this but regardless, and fully aware of my increased suffering, I continued on my campaign to want something different than what was being provided for me.

In the first years that BJ and I lived in Boulder we used to say, ‘For the weather alone we won’t be moving back to New England’.  Now when we moved out west I was a spring chicken, all of 29 years old, and clearly not interested in the anti-aging effects of humidity.  Now at the ripe age of 42, I fully embrace the oppressive days of summer with an open heart and yes, I have taken years off my face since moving back.  Despite the bad hair days that accompany this type of extreme weather, I’m in love with the summer season here and that feeling of love was shining bright this weekend.

Out of the basement, off the trainer and onto my sweet machine I rode. Thanks to the new bike lane on the Sakonnet Bridge I was able to ride off island for the very first time since moving here.  This was more freeing than taking off a too tight sports bra, even for my little girls.  Four hours later I made a quick transition into my sneaks, running skirt and tri top.  Off for my brick run, milk white arms flailing along side and no sunscreen in hopes of capping off my Vitamin D refill.  Sunday followed with a more wind but also more bright sun and warmth for my double run day.  In short, this past weekend was as blissful as it was hopeful.  There was life in my neck of the woods again after a long, cold, dark, gray, windy, snowy, icy winter season.

Kudos to you Northeast lifers, I simply don’t know how you’ve endured it so long but I’m sure it has something to do with your salt of the earth hardcore-ness.  So although I don’t swear off the sweaty days of summer anymore I do feel my winters here may be numbered. So here’s to surviving and training through one of the longest winters seen in these parts for years and cheers to the gratitude that spring is finally here!

Peace Mother Nature. Namaste beach bums.

Week #18 Recap

Rest Day
1hr 40 min BST ride
25 min z3/z2 T run
60 min heated vinyasa
3000 yd swim
50 min recovery ride
15 min recovery run
75 min heated vinyasa
45 min tabata ride
55 min hill repeat run


2600 yd swim
60 min vinyasa yoga
3hr 50 min z2/z3 ride
30 min z2 run
45 min z2 run
1hr 10min recovery ride
45 min z2 run


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