Week #10 Ironman Training

Week #10 Ironman Training
March 11, 2014 Jess

Let’s start with the elephant in the room.  Yup those are vegan cupcakes and vegan chocolate cake from Wild Flour vegan bakery in Pawtucket.  We picked up these special treats on Sunday in celebration of my 42nd birthday which occurred earlier in the week and also as a sugar send off into our 3-day reboot which started the next morning – we’re currently in day #2 and I want peanut butter…bad!  These sweet treats were absolutely delicious and even better than that…no animals were harmed in the spiking of my blood sugar.  As much as I wish Wild Flour was on the island I’m grateful that I have to drive 45 minutes to obtain such decadent gifts.

Week #10 ensued with lots of work, lots of training, lots of eating and lots of breathing.  I had the honor of being interviewed for the Running On Om podcast which should will be available soon.  Not to give too much away but one of the questions was how I manage to balance everything I have going on.  I’ve rehashed my answer to this question (the ego loves to rehash) and have since thought of many brilliant, perfect things that I could have said in response. However, the beginner in me knows that the words that came out were actually the perfect ones because its the answer I give myself every morning when I look at the enormous day ahead. I let go and trust that the important things will get done. So as the guest bedroom became a laundry room last week and the dog fur blew around the house like tumbleweeds I navigated through each day by pulling myself back into the moment and became present with task at hand.  It’s ok if the house goes another day without a vacuum or we opt for take out one night in order for something else to get done.  Tax extensions exist for a reason and the world will not end if I need to file one….again.

Finding balance in life is a daily practice but the foundation of that search is letting go.  The important things will get done and my experience is that they always do.  This is my 3rd time around training for Ironman and I’ve found that not only does this type of training challenge me physically but it challenges all the other parts too.  In my pursuit for grace I am constantly reminding myself that I have a choice in each moment – I can get crazy and feel overwhelmed or I can let go and trust that what gets done is exactly what was supposed to get done.  And to that I say namaste Ironman training, I love your daily tests and lessons!

Week #10

1700 yd swim
1h 25 min BST ride
25 min z3/z2 T run
75 min heated vinyasa
3000 yd swim
55 min recovery bike
75 min heated vinyasa
45 min tabata bike
53 min hill repeat run


2700 yd swim
3 hr 10 min z2/z3 bike
40 min z2 run
60 min vinyasa yoga
47 min z2 run
1 hr 10 min recovery bike
47 min z2 run

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  1. Julia 10 years ago

    The podcast will be up on Friday– can’t wait! Also, happy belated BIRTHDAY soul sister!

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