Smoothie Bowl Breakdown

Smoothie Bowl Breakdown
January 8, 2016 Jess

The smoothie craze has clearly moved into the smoothie bowl craze as of late, at least according to my Instagram feed. More of a meal, less of a drink and topping arrangements that fall under the umbrella of artistry. Check out these 12 mouth watering and incredibly healthy smoothie bowl creations from The Runners Mark:

We fell in love with them after stuffing the Vitamix with way too many smoothieimage ingredients, not uncommon to overdo something in our kitchen, and ended up with a thick mixture of fruity, veggie goodness.  Figuring quickly, that we just made our first smoothie bowl, we loaded it up with toppings – chia seed, coconut, walnuts, sliced banana, cranberries and alas is a pic of our perfect mistake. It was love at first mess up. It was filling and fun and I loved the mindfulness and patience required to top it just so.

Beej started taking them into work and as his co-workers “ooo’d and ahhh’d” over their beauty and taste they also quipped about how they weren’t rich enough to eat like him, making the argument that it is too expensive to eat healthy. Instead of trying to talk them into believing, Beej decided to create a simple recipe and break it down into servings and cost.

The following recipe makes 2 full cups – enough for 2 people or one big ass smoothie bowl.  Creators choice on how you want to share it.  All of the ingredients were purchased at Whole Foods, I’ve included the cost per serving and the brands we used for this bowl – 365 is the Whole Foods signature brand. I’ve tested his recipe and double checked the math.  I am here to report that it’s all legit so check it out, blend it up and let us know how it fits your taste and wallet.

Super Green Smoothie Bowl
3/4 c 365 organic unsweetened almond milk ($.55)
1/2 organic banana ($.30)
1 c 365 frozen pineapple chunks ($.83)
1 c 365 frozen organic chopped kale ($.50)
1 c 365 frozen organic chopped spinach ($.15)
1 scoop Sun Warrior chocolate protein powder ($1.00)
1 T Navitas Naturals cacao nibs ($.50)
1/2 c water

Blend, using damper until thick, soft ice cream type consistency. Top with cacao nibs.

The total for this smoothie bowl comes to $3.83.  Based on the prices we paid, we calculated the total cost of the shopping list at $60.  The fruit, almond milk and veggies were $10, the cacao nibs $10 and the Sun Warrior protein powder $40.  Keep in mind there is 40 servings in the Sun Warrior 2.2lb container with 19 grams of protein in each serving.

Any way you flip this, we’re thinking that you don’t have to be rich to eat this way because we are certainly not sleeping in sheets made of cash, dog hair maybe, but hundred dollar bills? No way. With services like Amazon’s Subscribe & Save and Thrive Market to name a few, healthy eating is more accessible than ever. So drop the excuses that no longer hold weight and take a risk on riding the high vibe of life. We believe it will pay you back ten fold.



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