Community Event: Prayers for Peace Yoga

Community Event: Prayers for Peace Yoga
August 8, 2016 Jess

Where: Casper’s Farm, 429 Bostwick Rd, Ithaca
When: Saturday, August 13th, 6:30pm-8:00pm
Cost: In lieu of monetary donation we ask that you bring a written Prayer for Peace

Join us this Saturday in community and service as we stand together in the name of global peace. Our dear friend Ayami, plant-based yogi, author and community harmonizer has recently launched the Prayers for Peace project and we’re bringing to Ithaca. The mission of the project is to stand together in the name of global peace, with our eyes and ears open to the state of the world.  To focus on what is possible and what we can control, which is our response, our words, our actions, and the openness of our heart.

Yoga, by its nature, requires us to look deep within ourselves, to notice our response to stimulus in our bodies and the world. By meeting violence with violence, peace will never be found. Welcoming all that is into an open heart and meeting it with love is the only answer. The healing of our world starts within each one of us through self loving compassion. Prayers for peace is an opportunity to release the energetic power of positive collective consciousness into the world. It’s not about turning away, it’s about turning in and finding peace within ourselves to do our part in healing the world.

This 90-min class is for everyone, families, experienced yogis and first-timers, bring your mat or a towel and your original Prayer for Peace. We will hold the prayers in our hearts and come together in asana practice. To close our time together, we will ceremonially burn the prayers to send the loving energy into the world through the element of fire, the deep burning power within each one of us.



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