Podcast 147: Plant-Based Chef Jared Simons on Food Hangovers, Failure and Getting Off the Crutch

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Pain is the ultimate motivator for change. For our guest today, Jared Simons, it came in the form of a failed business and faltering health. Waking up every day feeling horrible, working hard and partying hard were his norms of being for years. Covering up what he was not ready to face by band-aiding his pain until one day he decided that he no longer wanted to live in a health-harming manner.

Exercise which turned into triathlon which turned into plant-based eating served as the ingredients for Jared’s grand transformation. His now wife, Jen, provided a supportive environment during Jared’s rise back to health which gave him the stability to heal and move forward to a better way of life. Jared is the well-known chef at LA’s coveted No Name restaurant and he is a plant-based Ironman triathlete.

From a crushed high school dream to opening his first restaurant at the age of 22, Jared has always been a go-getter. He is someone who is always moving forward even through the times of muck. At the age of 26, he opened his second restaurant which served as the guiding light (and dark) to the greatest uplevel of his life. Jared’s strong will and drive to be in service of others reminds us all that living an expanded life of possibility is our choice. Just keep moving forward.

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