Podcast 96: Mike Ergo on the Unfolding of Trauma and the Honor of Ironman

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I often wonder what the world would look like if, when in school, we had classes on “Compassion”, “Healing”, and “Surrender”. Three elements I find to be common mysteries for many if not all of the people I have worked with on these practices. If we had just been taught the how behind these potent life management tools many of us could have avoided our rock bottoms, medications, disease, addiction and money spent on finding the answers we never found.

If I was to design these classes my first words to the students would be the same year after year. “There is nothing to learn. You have all the answers already. Everything you will ever seek is within you now so sit back, take a breath and let’s begin our return”. And if I was to say what I believe our world would look like as a result of these classes, I would say that it would look a whole lot different than it does today. Less violence, conflict, and suffering.

Knowing what I know about this world from a human and spiritual perspective, it begs the question, would we still need the world? What I mean by this is that the world we live within is a school. We have come here, by choice, to heal our hurts and make things right for our soul. This is the difference between someone who is waking up and someone who lives behind the veil of delusion. To believe that the violence, conflict, and suffering we see in the world today is here for anything less than our healing is to live within this delusion. Everything that comes to us, everything that passes through our awareness is there to assist us in moving towards our highest good. Through our highest good, we find our return. The place deep inside where all things rest in calm.

Everyone’s path is unique that is why comparison, a beloved activity of the ego, is senseless. The most important thing we can do is focus on ourselves and live our lives to their fullest expression. Our human selves don’t know all the details of what’s to come but sometimes we get glimpses. You know, those knowings that we’re supposed to do something or follow a particular career path or reach out to another in need. Knowings are undeniable, they come from that deep resting space of the intuitive voice. The importance is found in following those knowings with a level of trust that is unshakeable. It is from here that our blueprints play out.

For Mike Ergo, our guest today, his blueprint has been colored by the entire rainbow. The dark and the light. In fact, the darkest of his dark and absolute highest level of his light were found together in a moment of extreme danger. Mike reveals generously and open-heartedly his journey from Walnut Creek, California to the beacon of conflict in the Middle East to his post-war nosedive. This conversation has all the feels but it’s Mike’s honesty that truly compels the beauty of his story.

Mike is a dad, husband, Ironman triathlete and dedicated meditator among many other qualities that he brings to this world. We were connected with him through social media and further through our M21 Mindful Living Challenges in which he has shown up in as a strong voice of support for others. He works full time with veterans and because of his bravery to lift his veil of delusion he is saving many lives every day.

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