Podcast 92: Victoria Moran and JL Fields Bring a Coach to Your Kitchen and Compassion to Your Plate

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The Gods created certain kinds of beings to replenish our bodies;
they are the trees and the plants and the seeds.

It is widely known through scientific research and living experience that humans can not only survive but thrive on a plant-based diet. No matter your nutritional stance and belief around taking a life to soothe an appetite, I believe we can all agree that incorporating more plant foods into our diet is a good thing.

There is nothing to fear when it comes to Meatless Mondays or Tofu Tuesday. Noone is going to take your free will away. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods altogether to eat a vegan meal but what you will absolutely do every time you choose vegan is save a life and benefit the planet. You can be a toe dipper, you can conduct your own experiment eating plants, you can try one day a week and see how it goes. There are endless resources these days for veg-curious folks and the latest is the Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook.

A compilation of over 100 vegan recipes contributed by Vegan Lifestyle Coaches from across the world who have been trained under the keen eye and brilliance of Victoria Moran and her Main Street Vegan Academy. Co-authored with JL Fields, fellow professional vegan and major “go-getter”, the MSVA Cookbook is the complete guide to living a vegan life. It truly is the book that has something for everyone, soul food, raw food, sweets, treats and full-spectrum guidance for anyone looking to welcome in the high vibe way of eating that we live and love here at YogiTriathlete.

Sure, you may leave this episode with a little drool on your shirt but know that you will also leave with incredible knowledge as a result of the wisdom shared by these two outstanding ladies. We dive into their unique stories and what led them to go vegan. We talk about bridging the gap between inspiration and action, the connector where so many people give up on their dreams. They offer invaluable information on navigating multi-vore homes and share their favorite tips for creating a vegan kitchen which they were not the answers I had expected.

We met up with Victoria and JL a few weeks ago in LA while on their book tour for the MSVA Cookbook. It was a joy to spend time with these two and we think you’ll feel that joy through our conversation today. Thank you so much for your support of the show, we are in deep thanks to you all. It is a fact that we could not do this without each and every one of you.



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