Podcast 76: Professional Triathlete Eric Lagerstrom on Unleashing Supreme Power and Racing to the First Buoy

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To leave the sport better than he found it. This is the mission of Eric Lagerstrom, professional triathlete, and creative visionary with a natural talent for producing binge-worthy videos. Through capturing the raw effort, perseverance and joy that fuels the performances of top-tier athletes he has set into motion a movement in triathlon not unlike that of free surfing video production.

Eric is a wise being, beyond his years, and one who also happens to be an amazing athlete who puts in the work every day to better himself for the love of his sport. He is kind and generous, he is tough as nails and he has a natural ability to anchor into a moment particularly when it counts like in the very seconds before the gun goes off. Moments that he describes as building supreme power that he then unleashes as he hits the water and races beyond capacity to the first buoy. He knows from the sting of failure what it means not to put this kind of effort out but as with everything he walks away from, he takes with him the intended lessons for growth. These lessons are unique to his journey and Eric has a willingness to absorb them and attain his next level.

He approaches each race with a fresh mindset. He tracks his performances, sees his waves of improvement and the notches he gains along the way but he is not defined by a single race or moment. He sees the bigger picture, he pursues his bigger mission and for that I know, he will continue on a path to greatness.

He shares openly with us about his experience going into the Olympic trials for Rio and the wedge that pressure can drive between teammates, the power of outside voices and the realization that he feels killed his momentum going into the trials in Yokohama last year. He gives us insight into the absolute warp speed necessary to compete at the top in ITU racing and how USAT works in their recruitment of new talent to build Team USA.

It was just a few years ago, after a season of flow that Eric began creating videos and in closing I just have to say that if you’re looking for pre-workout motivation then check out the links below because this guy delivers, every single time.

Thank you so much for tuning in, your support is everything to the life of this show. We love this community with everything we are and see the strength within this tribe as evidence that there are positive changes happening in the world every moment. Keep tuning in, share your words with the world by leaving a review on Apple Podcast and keep reaching out to let us know you are there.



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