Podcast 74: Lex Ferrier, Mystical Activist on Living within the Sweet Spot Without a Hint of Lack

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So you have problems in your life. Not everything is hearts and smiley faces. You’ve been sad, you’ve experienced loss, you’ve felt depressed and you’ve been anxious and too fearful to move forward. Who hasn’t?

Furthermore, who doesn’t?

Our struggles in their essence are very similar and arguably they are exact. The difference between those of us who continue to live within these problems, stacking them on top of each other and those who have learned to move through the peaks and valleys is called the work. The deep inner work that we’re never taught in school and the kind that the negative ego will go great lengths to keep us from. But for those of us who have hit our rock bottoms, our moments in life when we say “no more” and have prayed for another way are now moving to great heights in our lives and consciousness. It’s not that life doesn’t continue to throw challenges our way, in fact, the challenges get bigger but we use the tools we’ve been taught by our spiritual teacher to stay fluid. This fluidity comes from raising our vibration as we like to say here at YogiTriathlete and it is the byproduct of finding a path that speaks to us and sticking to it with a one-pointed focus.

Lex Ferrier knows all about dancing with her shadow self and through her willingness to pick herself up from rock bottom and seek the help she needed, she is here now guiding others in the cosmic dance of life. She has an authentic way of translating the ancient philosophies of yoga to be easily understood, digested and put to work in our modern world. She tells it like it is and doesn’t candy coat the fact that all of our sufferings are caused by misalignment between who we really are and our existence in the physical world.

I met Lex at Evolve Yoga in Encinitas where we both teach and within the first few minutes of taking my first class with her I knew we spoke the same language. I needed to get her on the show and share her infinite wisdom with the YT tribe. I specifically use the word infinite because Lex is the kind of teacher that opens, she stands in presence and opens to her highest being to allow the words and teachings to flow through. Through her own fall from the mountaintop and into the valley of hurt she has learned to trust, to be vulnerable and to let her passion be expressed in its highest fashion. She is the real deal and in this episode, we take it deep.

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