Podcast 73: Susanne Davis on Living the Competitive Life and the Importance of 20-Minute Time

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We all know those people. The athletically blessed. You know who I’m talking about, right? The people who do their first Ironman and cross the finish line with a World Championship qualification. We are so happy for them but then there is a tiny, itty bit part that says we shouldn’t like those people but we simply don’t listen.

We can’t, how could we?

They found their “thing”, they are expressing their greatness. The greatness that is within each one of us and the one that we find by following our heart’s desires. The one that looks so very different for each one of us and one that has the potential to lead to jealousy. But again, how can we let it go there? This is our fellow dreamer, our teammate in life finding their purpose and living it. Their contagious joy is just too much for any negativity to survive.

This is the story of our guest today.

Susanne Davis is truly one of triathlon’s best. She is one of the fastest moms in the world who qualified for the World Championship at her first Half Ironman (yep that used to be possible) and has gone on to break course records, win countless races and take National and World Championship status over her 20 years in the sport. But I know, I just know from our conversation with her and what I took away from it that it’s not those things that define her.

It’s what has transpired along the way, yes, I am talking about the journey that allows her to continually find identity in her life. With this identity comes a tribe, her family and she does not take this community lightly. As head of her household (sorry guys, women just have the lead here) she is ever cognizant of the importance of keeping her family connected and communicative.

In our conversation today she shares her wisdom and tips to a healthy marriage, solid family system, realism in pursuing dreams, the crushing defeat of failure and acceptance around being a masters athlete. Susanne’s mindset is rich in gratitude and her faith is deep. She is what we want to see more of in this world.

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