Podcast 70: Michelle May on Stepping Up to Purpose and Disrupting the Pet Food Paradigm

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Imagine a life where you ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast and dinner every day for the rest of your life. Can you imagine the great deficiencies in your health that would arise from eating the same highly processed food over and over again? Then imagine a world where this way of eating is the life breath of the status quo in millions of households. In what world would such insanity exist?

Sadly, the world I speak of is now and this vibrancy dulling diet is the acceptable protocol for which we feed our pets.

Today we take a sledgehammer to this paradigm with the help of our beautiful new friend and creator of Benjii’s Canine Cuisine, Michelle May. Benjii’s is the first ever human grade dog food formula developed from organic whole foods and this conversation is going to rock your world.

As with all things flow, Michelle walked into our lives just in the nick of time. Thanks to her generosity to share her expertise in this field our sweet Clark is off a processed food diet and thriving at his ideal weight.

Having been raised vegetarian, Michelle had a head start on living her ahimsa life although in her young adulthood she digressed to an omnivorous diet for a number of years. It wasn’t until she became a mom to her first pup Bodhi that she became fully vegan. Within a matter of days, she felt a massive shift in her health and it was from this shift that she began to question her pups’ nutrition.

She had been feeding them a carnivorous diet of dry kibble while buying into the perpetuated myths that variety is not healthy for dogs and pre-packaged dog food was the only way to go. Her curiosity led to research which led to a crusade to find another way. This journey welcomed her into the world of plant-based nutrition for canines, a full ahimsa diet that is truly for the good of all. Born from the animal agriculture industry, pet food is some of most unhealthy, contaminated food on the market mostly due to the subpar standards set by an organization with industry interest on their mind.

Michelle explains her theories on the evolution of dogs and why a whole foods plant-based diet makes complete sense for canines. She shares the story of Benjii and the tragic event that led her to her purpose. She takes the mystery and perceived complication out of home cooking for your pet and generously shares recipe ideas. She lends incredible insight to this episode and there is a wealth of information here for everyone, not just dog lovers.

Thank you for tuning in each week in support of the show, we couldn’t do this with you.


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