Podcast 47: Ask the YTs on Post-Tour Life & Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food

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Group workouts, teaching yoga, trail and tri training, living tiny, believing in ourselves and trusting our path with unwavering faith is our life these days. In a nutshell, we are experiencing the hustle that is living a dream! We are staying focused on delivering our message of high vibe living to as many people as possible while continuing to walk into the unknown every single day. We are exactly where we are supposed to be right now and our reason for being called out here continues to unfold. There is a force that is asking us to step out of our comfort zones more and we are constantly challenged to live what we teach. Although we’re not quite ready to talk about it yet, there is big news coming to our local community. The expansive energy that we felt pulling us out here is now where we sit and it’s proving to be quite powerful. There is much work to be done here and we are committed to walking into each day with open hearts and powerful backbones to continue to look, find and live our purpose in this life.

In today’s episode, we answer listener requests to find out more about our new digs and life in Carlsbad. We also dive into the topic of body image for the second month in a row, specifically creating a healthier relationship with food. We share our insight into what it takes, including an unrelenting commitment to healing and a full spectrum inventory of one’s life. It is impossible to have one imbalance and not be imbalanced as a whole being. We take a 10,000-foot view of this topic and give practical tools that can be applied today in a movement back towards balance. And we end the show with an offer to create a space for a supportive community on the topics of body image and food struggles to come together. If you are game for this please let us know. Thank you for writing in and wanting more.

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Episode 47 Show Notes:

Video Tour of our Studio – Coming Soon! (Promise!)

Rhode Island Power Yoga

Live Love Teach

Black Sheep Yoga

Zen Cottages

Endurance House

Run North County

Desert Triathlon

Evolve Yoga & Movement

Frickin’ Salad

Altra Superior 2

Endurance Planet

Byron Katie

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