Podcast 46: Ayami & Spe on the Mindfully Clear, Plant-Based Lifestyle

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Imagine a life that isn’t missed due to automatic behaviors and non-presence. A life where even the smallest details burst with color and flavor. A life where a full calendar has little effect on feelings of busyness and no task feels mundane. A life experience in which you are so aware of your actions that you are always in line with your intent, your dreams and your vision for what you want to see in the world.

What if there was one pill that you could take every morning that would open this world up to you? Would you take it?

What if I told you that living in a world like this is simply a return to our nature and that there is nothing to learn in order to experience this life?

Mindfulness is the simplest task anyone could ask you to do. In a world of action, it is a request for non-action. It is an act of doing nothing other than experiencing the moment that you are currently moving through in life. It is a deceleration from how we are conditioned to live and into how we were always meant to live. It is the seedling from which everything else in life can grow healthfully and to it’s greatest potential.

In this episode, BJ and I are joined by two people who are living this life through a daily re-commitment to their choices. Ayami and Matt “Spe” Spewak are two incredibly kind people that we are lucky enough to call friends.

Ayami, author of Mindfully Clear: 22 Day to a Clear Body + Mind is an ever wise voice on presence. She herself admits that she needs reminders to stay on track and in order for her to be authentic, as a yoga and meditation teacher, this is the only way for her to live. She hears herself teaching her students and is constantly in self-study to ensure that she too, is living in alignment with the teachings she holds so dear to her heart.

Spe is the perfect combination of spirituality and intellect, a rare find indeed. His ability to articulate his knowledge of nutrition and mindfulness makes his message accessible to the masses. Also known as the Plant-Based Yogi, Spe’s goal is to share the benefits of health and yoga through inspirational recipes, stories and philosophy.

Ayami and Spe are making their mark in this life and they devote every day to being their best while on their journey to looking, finding and living their purpose. They share so much in this podcast that you may want to have your journal nearby. To not lose sight of their incredible message we highly recommend that you connect with them through their websites, social media or in person at their home base studio in Princeton, NJ. These are two people whose vibe is crucial to the consciousness of our planet and we are all better people for their presence in this life.

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