Podcast 248: Anthony Bucci, The Convicted Vegan: From Ruthless Thug To Compassionate Gentleman

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There are no mistakes in this universe and no matter what your life circumstances may be, you are never off your path. Everything is always moving you towards your highest expression.

We have an addiction in this world to label everything and everyone; we hold opinions about where people are vs. where we think they should be. We judge people for their actions and behaviors, and all the while, we ignore that life itself is a spiritual path that loves us unconditionally. We are all heading in the same direction. 

For some, the path comes with extreme intensity while others seem to cruise the waves of life from a seat of comfort but remember, until we walk in another’s shoes, we are only seeing what makes sense to us through the filter of our mind. 

Today we graced with the presence of a beautiful man with a compassionate heart who for many years lived a life of crime and violence through a massively constricted heart. Anthony Bucci’s actions caught up with him in his 30s when we received a 19-year sentence in federal prison. 

While in solitary confinement, a place that he was no stranger to during his time in prison, he experienced a spiritual awakening, and from that moment on, he steered his focus towards a new life. The one he lives today. It is a life of kindness, vulnerability, service, and non-harm. He dedicates himself to assisting others and raising awareness of the natural alignment of eating a vegan diet. 

We have been eagerly awaiting the launch of this conversation, and we are so grateful to be connected with meaningful stories such as Anthony’s story. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • a rock bottom spiritual awakening
  • being a ruthless thug
  • having everything on the outside and being empty on the inside
  • breaking generational cycles
  • thrust into society after 15.5 years in prison 
  • meditation as a means to heal anxiety
  • surfacing from the “shoe” as a vulnerable man
  • a heart of black to a heart of ruby red
  • the body is not a tomb
  • making amends after a lifetime of wrongdoing
  • always chasing your dreams

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