Podcast 240: Craig Howie, On His Journey From Professional Triathlete to Guitar Maker

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For as long as we have known Craig Howie, we have known him to take risks and follow his heart. He is someone who is living his purpose, which has come with incredible challenge and risk. In this episode, we share his story.

Craig came into our lives during our early days in Boulder, Colorado, where he pursued his triathlon dreams through racing and coaching. Craig became our first triathlon coach, one of my first massage therapy clients, and a lifelong friend who was always there to support our goals and visions of the future. Craig went on to become a professional triathlete and ultra runner while keeping his love for music alive. He and his wife Jen were in a band for many years.

Their most recent reality creation is their guitar company, Howie Guitars, where Craig hand makes every guitar—having zero ideas of starting a guitar company or making a guitar did not stop him. Craig’s ventures are always fueled by what he calls the Beginner’s Brain, and coupled with his wife’s philosophy to “fail fast,” Craig has allowed himself space to go for it in life.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • our roots in triathlon
  • VO2 workouts on O2 at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine
  • six-year run streak
  • feeling lost in life and hitting a low point
  • beginners brain
  • the journey from professional triathlete to ultrarunner to guitar creator
  • the Golden Ratio
  • let excitement be your guide
  • the best port-a-john story ever

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Episode 240 Show Notes

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