Podcast 236: Craig Lewin, Marathon Swimmer & Coach: Take Risks And Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure

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This past August, Craig Lewin did what many said he couldn’t and shouldn’t do, but he did it anyway. Following his heart and finding a way, Craig completed a successful crossing of the English Channel, making him one of a small pod of marathon swimmers to complete the coveted Triple Crown. International traveling to fulfill a goal during a pandemic left him with a narrowed circle of support, and some bridges burned. Craig let nothing stand in his way, and today we dive into his story.

It’s an epic conversation that reveals Craig as being one of those coaches that walks the walk. We enjoyed recording this interview and hope you guys love it too!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • going from the black line to the open water
  • night swimming for triathletes
  • sleeping with ice packs 
  • developing confidence to have your own experience
  • shutting off from fear
  • find a way; our resistance is where our work is
  • don’t fight the ocean because you’re never going to win
  • evolution of a great coach
  • flow state of mind
  • the fear of dying alone in his Air Bnb in England
  • not swimming for two weeks leading up to his channel crossing

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