Podcast 231: Rodrigo “Troy” Romero GC – Professional Triathlete Living On the Edge Through Fulfillment

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Rodrigo “Troy” GC is a professional triathlete and coach based in Puebla, Mexico. He’s been with us for episodes 63, 64, 110, and today, number 231. Troy is a risk-taker, and he shows us all that when we take our dreams to the edge, the universe will conspire to support us, time and again. Our first interview with Troy back in 2017 revealed his positive mindset and compassionate character that scored him a favorite within the YT community.

We are excited to be catching up with Troy on how he is living his dreams, supporting his athletes, and defining what it means relentless.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • learning how to be a professional triathlete 24/7
  • how the mental side works for everything, not just athletics
  • trust as a fundamental element of training and relationships
  • injury and learning how to listen
  • coach and athlete relationship – communication is key!
  • Troy’s new YouTube channel [ SUBSCRIBE ]
  • why he transitioned to a plant-based diet
  • what it means to be relentless

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