Podcast 224: Erin Holmes, World Record Holder On Rising Above Trauma and Choosing Happiness

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Erin Holmes is our guest today and she is a multi-faceted creator doing amazing things in this life. From her recently confirmed Guinness Book World Record to her wellness program for veterans and her ever-evolving role as a performer, Erin is for sure sharing her gifts in this world. As part of the performance duo, ClicKlickBoom Erin is on a mission to encourage everyone to always believe in yourself and never give up on doing what you love, even if your life goes in a different direction. She has experienced, endured, and risen above massive trauma to find that she is still alive and in charge of her happiness each day.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • navigating life from the studs
  • living with level 10 pain all the time
  • matching our internal and external life
  • the risks that allowed her to heal
  • changing the structure of health and wellness education in the VA
  • the world record that changed her life
  • feeling like hot garbage and choosing happiness
  • tap that

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